How Long Does It Take For Hair to Grow

We all love our hair; some love it long, some love it short and others medium. Our hair is dominated by protein. A lot of factors influence hair growth; we have genetics and hormones. Our hair differences come from our hair follicles, which determines the density and dominantly genetic. These factors play an important role in our hair growth, but however, there are other means to make our hair grow faster but first of all let us look at factors that influence our hair growth apart from our genes and hormones.

how long does it take for hair to grow

Just how often does our hair grow? Our hair grows daily but averagely in a month, we should experience a hair growth of about 1.5 inches in a month, but as we saw earlier, our hormones and genes are responsible for this. But as we grow older, this will change, and mostly we will realize that the growth rate will diminish a bit. Does weather have any role to play as well? Yes, it actually does because our hair tends to grow faster during summer than winter because hair loves cozy and modest weather conditions; so apart from the weather, what other factors influences hair growth?


Our overall health condition and diet

I bet you are surprised, but what we eat does not just affect our internal system but our hair as well. When we eat healthy meals and most especially a balanced diet, the nutrients soaked up are efficiently supplemented to the hair follicles, and this causes it to grow normally and frequently. But you can experience some decrease when you have insufficient nutrients. If we seriously care for our hair, along with a healthy and balanced lifestyle, we need to consume adequate healthy food. Hair shampoo or conditioner will not aid your hair appearance healthy and balanced; it just offers a safety finish to your hair.


Natural factors such as age and using chemicals

When individuals get older, numerous grey hairs grow on their head; nonetheless, it is an all-natural look, and also nobody can quit maturing. Some individuals use chemical treatment items to cover as well as color their grey hair; detrimentally, these practices just promotes loss of hair as the chemicals only tend to harm our hair follicles or roots. Alternatively, to using these chemicals, you can opt for natural hair treatment procedures to keep your hair healthier, making them damp, moist, and healthy.



Have you ever been so stressed out that when you comb your hair, you find lots of them on your comb or hairbrush? That is what stress or anxiety to so it is important that you always create time to rest properly so you do not get stressed out and this will not affect just your system but your hair as well.

Are you looking for ways to grow your hair? Remember, natural methods are the best. We have put together some tips and tricks for you to use to increase your hair growth,

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Some Tips and Tricks to Increase Your Hair Growth


i. Use Aloe Vera

Why should you make use of Aloe Vera? Aloe Vera is the perfect hair motivator and also helps to avoid loss of hair. It additionally minimizes dandruff, as well as aids, recover your hair’s all-natural shine.


What should you do? The process is quite simple; all you need to do is to apply fresh aloe Vera gel blended with a little lemon juice and also leave it on for around 20 mins; then wash it off using a hair shampoo, do not also forget to condition your hair. Carry out this process every week or at least two times a week.

You can additionally integrate aloe Vera gel with equivalent quantities of coconut milk and afterward use it to massage your hair properly. For additional benefits, consume alcohol aloe Vera juice often.


ii. Make use of an egg mask

Proteins are very essential for hair growth, and that is why we recommend you use them as a natural treatment. Eggs are very advantageous for faster hair growth because they are loaded with healthy protein as well as; likewise, they include iron, sulfur, phosphorus, zinc, and selenium. For more effective results, use this hair mask treatment for at least one time in a month.


To prepare the egg mask mixture; blend an egg, mix in 4 tbsps. of grapeseed oil and also a couple of drops of lavender oil. Apply the mixture to your hair as well as scalp and also leave it on for half an hour for your hair to properly absorb the treatment. Lastly, wash it out as well as hair shampoo your hair customarily.


Use a combination of 2 egg yolks and also 2 tbsps. of extra-virgin olive oil on your scalp and then endeavor to leave it on for 15 to 20 mins. Wash off the mixture with cold water and after that, hair shampoo and condition your hair.


Additionally, blend an egg and also include one mug of milk, 2 tbsp of extra-virgin olive oil, as well as the juice from half a lemon to it. Apply the concoction on your scalp and let it rest on your hair for twenty to half an hour before washing it out as well as shampooing your hair properly.


iii. Massage your scalp properly and as often as you can


Massaging your helps with blood circulation to the scalp, which consequently promotes growth to the hair roots; you can further once in a week carry out a warm oil or deep conditioning hair mask.


Use the oil (ideally cozy) or conditioner to your hair.


Carefully scrub your fingers on your scalp in a round movement for 3 to 5 mins.


iv. Wash the oil or conditioner out of your hair.


Being abundant in vitamin E as well as necessary fats, particularly omega-9 fats, castor oil enhances hair development normally. As this oil is rather thick, blend the castor oil with an equivalent quantity of coconut, olive, or almond oil; massage your scalp properly and leave it on for 30 to 45 mins; after that hair shampoo and condition your hair.


You can likewise include important oils, specifically rosemary, peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, or thyme oil, to the castor oil and afterward placed it in your hair. Most importantly use natural oil as they are more beneficial and will nourish your scalp. When you wash it off, always endeavor to pat it with a clean and fresh towel.


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