How to bake a potato in the microwave

Potatoes are inexpensive food that has lots of vitamins and minerals, along with fiber that is good for our bodies. Plus, they are quite tasty and make great side dishes, snacks or even spruce them up a few ways and they can become a full meal! The problem some people have with baked potatoes is they don’t want to wait so long for one to get baked in a regular oven. However, there is a fix for this problem! If you are in the mood for some yummy potatoes and don’t have a lot of time to wait, then you should know how to bake a potato in the microwave.


how to bake a potato in the microwave


It’s easy! All you need are some potatoes and a standard microwave.


Just follow these directions:



1- Pick the best kind of potatoes

When it comes to choosing the kind of potatoes to cook in the microwave, you can use several different varieties. One of the best types to use is Russet potatoes, which are also called Idaho potatoes. They have a high amount of starch, and that makes them turn out very fluffy. Another great choice is a Yukon Gold potato, which has yellow flesh.


You can also actually bake a sweet potato in the microwave too. Actually, just about any kind of potato can be cooked in a microwave, but some varieties end up coming out better than others. For instance, tiny new potatoes might end up too tough if you cook them this way since they would get done very quickly.


2- Be sure to wash the potatoes

No one wants germs in their food, so it’s vital to wash them prior to baking. It’s a good idea to use a special vegetable scrubbing brush. You can get them at a cooking store or order online. You, of course, don’t use any soap to wash a potato. All that you need is some warm water and a little elbow grease. Then, after it’s all nice and clean, dry the potato off by using a clean paper towel.


3- Season it to taste

Prior to turning on the microwave, it’s good to rub on a bit of oil onto the skin, and then a little pepper and salt. These make the potato extra flavorful, and the skin gets nice and crispy too. Olive oil makes a nice choice as it adds some flavor and it’s a type of oil that’s actually good for our bodies. Any other seasonings will be added to your potato after it is done baking in the microwave.


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4- Poke some holes in the potato

You probably have heard horror stories about people cooking food wrong in a microwave and having it explode and make a mess or even injury someone. That’s why you must poke several holes in a potato prior to cooking it in a microwave. If you don’t, it could explode, and that would be terrible. Making a few holes provides a way for the steam to escape out from the potato as it cooks. So, make sure you put some holes in all the sides, as well as the bottom and top. You can use a regular fork to poke the holes, or a knife will work too, just be careful not to cut yourself.


5- Put the potato onto a microwaveable dish

In order to cook the potato, you should put it on a microwavable plate. When in doubt, look at the back of the plate, and it should say on it somewhere if it can go in the microwave. You could always use a paper plate, but if the potato is heavy, it could fall off. If desired, wrap a wet paper towel over the potato. It makes the skin soft, so if you want crispy skin then skip this part.


6- Put in microwave and set the timer

Next, it’s time to actually put the potato into the microwave to back it. You may have to estimate the cooking time, as it all depends on the size of the potato or if you are baking more than one. Times vary between about 5 and 10 minutes, so try five minutes at a time. You can poke it with a fork to test the doneness, and if the fork goes all the way thru it, it should be ready to eat. If not, set it for a few more minutes. Be careful to watch, so it doesn’t burn up or even explode if you cook it too long.


7- Let your potatoes rest several minutes

Letting a cooked potato rest inside the microwave for several minutes ensures that the potato core gets a chance to cook fully. That’s because many foods actually continue to cook even after the microwave is turned off. It also lets the potato end up very fluffy and soft in the inside, and not to dry on its outside. You can leave it around five minutes for the best results.


8- Take potato out of the microwave

As soon as you are sure your potato is done to your liking, it’s time to take it out of the microwave. Be very cautious, as the plate the potato is on is sure to be quite hot and could burn your fingers. Get a heatproof glove handy to remove the plate and place it carefully on the table.


9- Serve up your potato

Now that your potato is done, it’s time to serve it up and fix it, so it’s a yummy snack. Cut it open, and put on your favorite toppings. It’s great to put on such things as butter or margarine, salt, pepper, sour cream, cloves or chives, and some people love to toss on some piece of crispy bacon. If desired you can even make it a full meal and pour chili over it, or some melted cheese and broccoli is great too.


So, the next time you are craving a baked potato, just follow the above directions.  Cheers!




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