How to Get Blood Out of Carpet

In the course of life, we are likely to incur minor injuries at some point in our lives, thus having blood spilled on our carpet at some point is not an inevitable situation to deal with. Blood comes to be much more challenging to get rid of when it has actually dried out. So should in case you have fresh blood spilled on your carpet, it is very important that you start cleaning it out immediately for the very best opportunity at revitalizing your carpet without any damages. In the course of the following paragraphs; we will be sharing with you how to get blood out of carpet. By using these methods, you can get blood out of your carpet.

how to get blood out of carpet


For these methods, you will need the following items:

    • Clean white towel or Cotton towel
    • Spray container
    • Clean water
    • Salt
    • Fluid dish-washing cleaning agent
    • Vacuum cleaner or carpet brush
    • Blunt blade
    • Hydrogen peroxide
    • Home ammonia
    • Hair shampoo


The first procedure we would be looking at is how to get rid of fresh blood


1. Getting rid of fresh blood

i. Using your clean white or cotton towel

Place it on the spot and press it continuously to absorb as much blood as you can from it. Do not rub it for this process as you can rather cause the stains to expand to other areas and when you must have gotten some of the blood out.


ii. Have the area sprayed with some cold water and let it stay there for some minutes

The not use warm water because it will cause the blood to be more absorbed in the carpet but this doesn’t mean that you should pour a lot of it (water) as it can cause the blood to spread over and can even be of damage to a fragile carpet. So the goal is to keep it moderately wet and not extremely wet.


After this, you need to get rid of some of the water you poured and let the carpet just be a little wet so to achieve this; utilize a completely dry towel to soak up the wetness, once again by gently cleaning it in a backward and forward motion. Leave it slightly moist and after that completely dry up until the tarnish is gone. This might take numerous reps, so you really need to be patient with this, or alternatively, you can use a wet vacuum or portable rug extractor to soak up the wetness. So you will need to keep interchanging the white towels whenever the one you are using gets extremely wet or destroyed.


iii. Try getting rid of it with salt paste

If after using water to get rid and it is still there; then try using a salt paste. Making a salt paste is extremely easy; you just need to pour some salt in a dish and add a little bit of water to it to make it pasty. Then put some of it on the stained area and let it stay on the stain for a while and have it cleaned with a clean towel and repeat the process if the pain persists. However, since salt can be somehow harmful to your carpet fiber, and then try to vacuum it quickly until the area is completely dry.


iv. Next, is the time for you to make use of your liquid cleaning detergent

To achieve this, mix 1 to 2 tsp. (5 to10 mL) Of fluid dishwashing cleaning agent right into 1 mug (240 mL) of cold water and then saturate a tidy white towel and clean the stained area. You can wash it sprinkling water on the area and then have it completely cleaned and dry. Do not make use of a cleaning agent which contains bleach or lanolin.


v. Use a vacuum cleaner to dry off any wet area completely

Use a vacuum cleaner to completely dry the carpet if your carpet usually takes longer to dry off on its own. But if you cannot lay hands on one, you can place a pile of paper towels on the stain to absorb any blood left and dry it up. The vacuum cleaner will completely dry your carpet and bring it back to its original form.


If the blood eventually gets dry on your carpet, taking it out will need more work, but it is achievable, what can do you do then?


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2. Our second tip is how to get rid of dried blood stain

i. Eliminating dried out blood

Silk and wool carpets are noted to be very easy to damage. If blood happens to get dry on your carpet, will recommend you start by scraping the area using a blunt blade or knife to get rid of the stain. Next, apply some salt paste to the area which simply needs that you mix some salt with water in a pasty form; let the paste stay on the area for about 15 minutes, as it will to make the stain-less complicated to get rid of.


Next, get some cleaning detergent and dilute with some water and smear it to the area to further dissolve the stain. You could make use of hydrogen peroxide for this.


ii. Wet the clusters with hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide lightens the shade of your rug fibers, concealing the stain. Damp the tarnish with 3% hydrogen peroxide and allow it to completely dry in a well-lit space, and also it will certainly break down without more requirement for washing.


But do not recommend using this chemical for any carpet with decorations. This is a dangerous technique for carpets with dark or dazzling shades otherwise look for bleach that is friendly to your carpet.


iii. Use hair shampoo and ammonia

Ammonia is extremely efficient, yet might tarnish your carpet and also damage the wool or silk. To achieve this process mix 2 Tsp. (10 mL) Of hair shampoo or fluid dishwashing cleaning agent in 1 mug (240 mL) of water. Spray the mixed chemical on your carpet and allow it on the spot for 5 mins. Then mix 1 tbsp (15 mL) family ammonia in 1 mug (240 mL) space temperature level water. Make sure not to breathe in ammonia fumes.


Get the hair shampoo mixture and soak on the carpet till it is completely dry, after that spray on the ammonia and allow it to rest 5 mins, after that clean till it is completely dry once again. Spray on the water as well as clean till it is completely dry to wash. Use some eco-friendly washing cleaning detergents to dry wash your carpet. Then dry the carpet in a location with great air circulation. When the stain eventually comes out, use your vacuum cleaner to have it completely dry and then leave it out for some time before taking it back in.


No matter the process you choose to use, do it diligently, so you do not destroy your carpet.



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