How to get wax out of carpet

Almost everyone loves the warmth and also intimate atmosphere that candlelight brings, but the smile and entertainment can be cut short when wax drips throughout the rug. Knowing exactly how to get wax out of carpet is a must for any individual who likes enjoying wax or lives in an area vulnerable to blackouts and the good news is the elimination process is easy as long as you use the materials you currently have at home, from paper towels to ice. As long as you deal with the problem right away, you will be able to get your rug spotless and wax-free.



Wax on the carpet can be intimidating and getting the carpet cleaned can be pretty difficult especially if you do not know exactly how to remove it, but once you can determine it, and also understand its properties, it is quite a simple job to get it out.


“I remember the first time I came one-on-one with this problem. I was bewildered, and also after losing a significant amount of time, I literally had to abandon the effort to clean it off the rug. Then I did a little research and found out that the wax cleaning task was so easy and not as difficult as I thought; so, after a while of following the process I was very much impressed at the results, and my carpet even looked cleaner, fresher and newer than it was.”


So, if you happen to fall in the same dilemma, you will not have to go through all the trouble I did as I have put together the simple tips and tricks you can use at your home to get rid of the candle wax.  Read on to discover how to get wax out of rugs so you can relax very easy and also light those votive candles at your next party.


Candle lights are normally made from paraffin, but beeswax, soy, tallow from animal fat and also numerous sorts of gel are likewise used to make candles. A typical characteristic though, is that the residues from burning candle lights harden quickly as well as needs special initiative to remove from the surface areas of materials like rug material.

So, I have put together two easy methods which you can use to get the candle wax, using simple home equipment and have your carpet looking fresh and smelling good as well.

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Method-1: Freezing the candle wax

how to get wax out of carpet

And the products you will need for this process are

    • Bag of ice or a cold pack
    • Iron (a hair dryer can work too).
    • Paper towel
    • Carpet cleaner or rubbing alcohol.
    • Butter blade or any other blade.
    • Vacuum.

Procedure Step by Step: 

After putting the equipment together; the first thing you would want to do is to

1- Freeze the wax

To achieve this process, all you need to do is place a plastic bag of ice or an ice bag on the wax and let it sit for a few minutes before taking it off because your main goal is to get the wax cold as possible. You might intend to wrap the bag or pack in a towel, so the wax doesn’t get wet.

2- After freezing the wax, the next thing you will need is to scrape the wax off

This is where your blade comes in. Once the wax is frozen, utilize your blade to remove as much as you can. If you can remove all of it, then that is a good step.

3- Next, you will need to prepare the iron and paper towel

Cover the area with a paper towel, terry-cloth towel, or paper bag. When heating the iron, make sure the heat is most convenient for your carpet. This is important because if the iron is too hot, the fibers of your carpeting can melt. Do not equally use the steam function; what you should do is to scrub the iron over the towel or bag gradually. The wax should be taken in by the towel or bag. If your paper towel gets displaced during the process, simply have it rearranged and have the cleaned area covered. You will need to have the process repeated till all the wax has been gotten rid of.

4- Clean the carpet

Get rid of any type of leftover bits of wax or dye stains out of the carpet with a commercial carpet cleaner or rubbing alcohol and blemish with a tidy cloth.

5- Lastly, have your carpet vacuumed

Bring back the appearance of your carpet by vacuuming it with furniture brush and have a clean and fresher carpet.


Method-2: Which is also quite easy would be to melt the wax awayhow to get wax out of carpet

The things you will need to carry out this other simple method effectively would be

    • Paper bag
    • Iron
    • A towel
    • Any spare cloth
    • Rubbing alcohol and vacuum cleaner which are both optional

Procedure Step by Step: 

Now moving on to the proper process, the first thing you would need to do is to

1- To place a sheet of brown paper certainly not plastic over the place that has been soiled with wax.

A bag from the grocery store or a simple lunch bag will certainly get the job done for you and enable to position it beside the stain and then place a towel on any other area not covered with. You’ll be moving the bag as the wax fills it and covering the other area with paper towels is to prevent the mess from spreading out any further.

2- Secondly, plug in your own and let it be warm, not hot

While letting your iron to get hot, you do not want it to be extremely hot but just warm and also do not use steam during this process.

3- The next thing you should do is to iron over the paper bag

Wax will certainly absorb onto the paper bag and also out of the rug. As it fills, slide it out onto the towel so that you can see the remaining portion of the bag that’s not covered in wax.


Do not leave the iron on any portion of the carpet for long as you do not wish to end up peeling any part of your rug. When the stain stops appearing on the paper, lift it very carefully and see what you are left with. And if there is more wax to be gotten rid of, repeat the process.

4- Scrub any remaining stains with rubbing alcohol

Place a towel over the stain and reapply the iron, but this time around with the steam setup on; the color should seep into the cloth and away from the carpet.

5- Spay the area with carpet spray or a cleaning solvent for good step

To achieve this process, you need to lay the cloth on top of the sprayed area as well as iron it with the heavy steam setting on, just the same as you would certainly with the rubbing alcohol in the previously mentioned action. If you do not like the way the carpet looks at the end, you can try vacuuming it. That may renew it to its former, rosy state.


Some other simple tips you can use include

As a variant, you can also use a hair-dryer. This is particularly a good suggestion if you intend to make use of paper towels instead because the amount of warm used is much less and also simpler to control. Make sure you don’t hold the hair-dryer too close, or it will overheat.


If the wax is the tinted kind, the dyes may be irreversible in the different colored carpet.  And if that is the case, try the procedure and then use a carpet cleaner to get the spots out.


If you cannot get to the wax with a hair dryer or iron, and also you do not have an extension cable, heat up a cooking then scrub it over a folded paper towel. You might need to do this several times; thus, you need a lot of patience to attain this.


“Dry Ice” could be used if normal ice isn’t cold enough. It likewise leaves no traces. Simply enable to use clean, dry, or leather job hand wear gloves to protect yourself while working.


What should you bear in mind?

Do not leave the iron on the paper for long as this can rather melt paper since it is flammable. If the iron is just warm and not overheated; it will thaw the wax well and fast as it will certainly not have an opportunity to set the paper on fire.


Never place the warmed iron directly unto the carpet as the outcomes could be disastrous such as burning your carpet.


Make use of an extension cable if essential; take care not to melt yourself with the curling iron.


Some colored candle-light wax might still leave a discolored look after being gotten rid of from the carpet. You can get rid of the stain quickly by wetting the area with water or scrubbing alcohol or cleaning the area repetitively with a white cotton towel. The process needs a lot of patience, and the outcome will be just unbelievable.




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