How to remove paint from clothes

Are you repainting or trying to redecorate your home?
Sometimes in the course of painting accidents happen and we all know that stains from paints are quite difficult to remove, but there is a way to avoid that. Which is by wearing clothes we do not really value but should in case the paint gets to a dress that you value so much, we have ideas by which you can get help about how to remove paint from clothes and leave your clothes shiny again. But, before we delve into that, let us first of all look at the common types of paints and how to get rid of their paint stains.

how to remove paint from clothes


So what are the different types of paints, and how can one get rid of their stains?


Getting rid of paints need that you should actually know the paint you are dealing with. This is the reason why knowing the different types of paints is important as they all need different products and techniques to remove them because one will work exceptionally for another paint may vary for the other.


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Wet or dry paint

Now is advisable to get rid of the paint when it is wet or dry? Let us find out; do not know about you but I fully recommend you work on the paint when it is still wet because dry paint will make the procedure more difficult. When the paint becomes dry on the cloth, it sticks to it and to get rid of it, look for products like the paint removal and detergent that are fabric friendly, so you do not use a product that will make situations worst. However, water-based paints easily come out be it in their wet or dry state as compared to acrylic paint, which is somehow difficult to get rid of when dry due to their hard and plastic-like finish.


Let us look into detail the different types of paints as that is the very first step to; is the latex paint and how we can get rid of the stains.


First of all, we have latex paint

Latex or oil paint is one of the easiest paints whose stains you can easily get rid of. Why is this possible? That is simply because the latex is dominantly made out of water. So what can you do if a latex paint falls on your cloth?


i. Scraping off the paint

It is quite easy, and the very first step you should take is trying to scrape some of the paint using a spoon or blunt knife; after that wash off the remaining paint in warm running water while scrubbing the cloth gently. Another alternative will be to soak the cloth in warm water and wash it a few hours later.


ii. Using a detergent

Next, apply some detergent to the stained area and wash it properly, after that take it out to see if the stain is totally out, if not repeat the same process of adding some detergent and washing properly until the stain is completely out.


iii. Using rubbing alcohol

If the paint stain is too difficult to remove using a detergent, will suggest you use some rubbing alcohol. With this method, you will need the rubbing alcohol and a toothbrush. You will just simply need to apply some of the rubbing alcohol to the spot and then use the toothbrush to brush the area gently. This will gradually get rid of the stain; you can rinse off the stain which has been taken off during the process using water and then repeat the process again and again till the stain is completely out.


After learning so much about getting rid of latex paint stains from clothes, let us now look at how to get rid of acrylic or oil paint from clothes.


Getting rid of oil and also acrylic paint from clothes


Before we begin, will advise or recommend that you carry out the process in an open space area since you will be dealing with plenty of chemicals as you do not want your home stuffy.


The first step will be to getting out as much paint as you can from the cloth, and you can achieve this process by using a spoon especially if the paint had dried off though I usually commend that you take off the paint while it is still wet because it will be easier.


So to begin you can pour some paint remover on the affected area; you could use a paint thinner or turpentine. You would definitely want to use a disposable dish for this because you do not want to risk consuming chemicals later on. The paint remover will dissolve the paint and make it extremely easy to take it out but if in the course of doing so, there is still some leftover paint, then endeavor to add some paint remover to the area but ideally you have to let it sit for some minutes on the spot so it can work better and scrub off the paint using your toothbrush and after that you gently wash the area diligently.


When you eventually wash off the paint, you should be pleased with results and especially how sparkling clean it is, so will recommend you place the affected area on some fresh pair of towels; the reason why you should do this is for it to absorb the paint remover you applied to it.


Moving to the final step when you should have back your cloth even cleaner than it was; you should use some detergent and clean water to wash the cloth and rinse properly or severally to get rid of the chemicals before drying it. So now you can now wear your cloth happily. Guess it wasn’t quite difficult to achieve after all.


Do not forget to flush off the water from the paint stains and dispose of the things you used like the toothbrush but you can rewash the towel you used and keep using perhaps for future use in case of another paint stain.

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Let us look at some DIY (Do It Yourself) methods you can try out should in case you cannot lay your hands on products from the store.


Home tips and tricks you can use to get rid of paint stains

Some of our clothes are made out of very fragile material and sometimes using harsh chemicals on them like the paint remover can rather destroy the fabric, but as an alternative, water and a cleaning agent can help to perform that same magic. But as usual the paint you are dealing with is of major importance but nevertheless; these simple DIY methods will definitely help to get rid of the paint stains. Let us check out the paint stain and then the methods.


i. Water-based paint

Water-based paints like kids paint the easiest to get rid of because they are water-friendly. You just simply need to use water to get the paint out. Simply place the stained area over running water while scrubbing it and apply some detergent to it if the stain is persistent and then wash it using the washing machine. This will definitely bring back your cloth to normal.


ii. Oil-based paint

A little difficult to work with, but it is totally achievable. You may be wondering why oil-based paints are more difficult to work with, and it is simply due to the fact that they are made out of oil and it is always difficult to take them out since naturally oil and water do not blend. In this case, you can apply some dish-washing soap to the spot and rinse off before you wash it off properly using detergent in the washing machine. The reason why you should use a dish-washing soap is because most of them are oil-friendly thus they will do a better job as compared to using just water.


iii. Acrylic paint

Acrylic paint is the most difficult to work with because it is dry paint, but you can get rid of any of its stains as well by using simple things at your home. I guess you must have a nail polisher, an alcohol cleanser or a hair spray at home. The reason why those were mentioned is because they all contain some alcohol in them; so simply apply any of them depending on the gravity of the paint and let it be for some minutes so it can soften it properly before you wash it off. So do not be scared anymore because even without visiting the store, you can always get rid of any of the paint stains.


But if the paint is difficult to deal with even after trying any of the above-recommended methods, you can purchase the paint remover but make sure you read the instructions, so you get something that is friendly with your cloth, so you do not end up destroying your fabric. We cannot wait for you to share your feedback with us after trying any of our recommended methods.



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