How to take off gel nail polish

Lots of people love getting their nails done, and one of the popular types of nail polish is the gel nail polish because it comes in lots of fun colors and designs. However, when it comes to gel nail manicures, timing is vital when it comes to being able to remove it. In this topic, we will discuss two different methods of how to take off gel nail polish at home.


how to take off gel nail polish


Timing Gel Nail Polish Removal is Important

Experts say you can safely get two applications of gel nail polish back to back, but that after that you should go for a regular manicure before getting another gel nail polish job. That’s because if you leave gel nail polish on more than 14 days, it can be hard to soak off and remove.


However, don’t despair. You don’t have to go to the saloon to get gel nail polish removed if you don’t want to. It’s possible to do it at home without ruining your nails as long as you do it in the right way. It takes some patience, but there are several methods you can try.


First off, one of the main things to remember is not to just try to peel or scrape off gel nail polish. That can be very hurtful to your nails because you would actually be not only removing gel polish, but also the top layer of the cells on your nails.


First Method for Removing Gel Nail Polish


Here is the first method of removing gel nail polish:


1- First, you need some acetone. Experts say it’s best to get maximum strength acetone. You don’t have to spend twice as much to buy special acetone that says on the label it’s for removing gel nail polish, but be sure it says maximum strength, and it doesn’t have the words non-acetone on the label.


Acetone is a chemical which works by reacting with the gel in the polish and loosens the glue to get it free from the nails. Acetone is in regular nail polish remover, but that type isn’t strong enough to get off the gel polish.


2- First, make sure you are setting this up in a well-ventilated space, as you don’t want to be breathing in the acetone. Then, pour the acetone into a bowl and cover the bowl with some foil or some plastic wrap and put a rubber band over it to hold the cover onto the bowl.


3- Then, put the bowl with the acetone into a larger container with warm water in it. The acetone needs to warm up for about three to five minutes. Then, take the bowl of acetone out of the larger container, and don’t leave it too long because acetone is flammable and you don’t want it to overheat. Additionally, since it is flammable, you don’t want to be setting up near any kind of heat source.


4- First, it’s a good idea to protect your skin that’s around the nails because acetone can dry it out and damage it. So, in order to do that you need some petroleum jelly. Use a cotton ball or a Q-tip and dip it into the petroleum jelly. Then rub the jelly over the skin of the fingers clear down to the right below the top knuckles. Be careful not to apply too much petroleum jelly as it will block the acetone from dissolving the gel nail polish.


5- Next, soak a cotton ball in some acetone and get it saturated. Hold the cotton ball against the nail and wrap some foil around your finger to hold it onto your finger. Do this with all your nails that have gel nail polish on them. These must stay on the nails between 30 and 40 minutes so the acetone can melt the gel nail polish. Some people just dip their nails right into the acetone, but it could irritate the skin, so if you try this be careful, and also don’t leave the nails in the acetone for very long.


6- After 30 minutes or so has passed, take off the cotton balls and foil one nail at a time. The gel nail polish should just wipe right off with a swipe of the cotton ball. If that is a success, just do the same with each nail until you have removed all the gel nail polish. You may have to carefully peel the gel back a little to get the process started.


If after 30 minutes the gel won’t come loose, then wrap your finger back up in the foil and cotton ball and leave it on another 10 minutes or so and later try the removal process again. If for some reason you try it up to 60 minutes and the gel still won’t come off, then likely it is a type of gel that is acetone resistant, and you will have to try a different way of removing it.


Second Method for Removing Gel Nail Polish

If the gel is acetone resistant, you can try this method of removal, which involves filing off the gel nail polish.


1- First, you have to trim your nails as short as you can.


2- Then, file down the surface of the nail using a coarse grit type of file that is rated 150 to 180 grit. Don’t rush the process, as you want it to be even and not to damage the natural nails. Be sure to wipe away the filed off the dust as you go so you will know when you reach your natural nails.


3- Then, after you have gotten the majority of the nails filed, change over to a finer type of grit file and slowly file off any remaining gel, being careful not to file off your natural nail layers.


4- Then buff your nails to get out any scratches and use some moisturizer on the nails. You have to keep the nails away from anything harsh or chemicals for several days before getting any more nail treatments.



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